Flywheel News | February 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. ChatGPT Takes Over The Feeds

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT at this point. Although originally released back in November of 2022, interest around the platform really took off in February as Microsoft showcased it’s inclusion of the conversational chatbot technology in it’s search engine and Google responded with it’s own introduction of Bard. Now, everyone from students to coders to copywriters and beyond are learning ways to use the platform to help with research and writing. An incredible showcase of AI capabilities,ChatGPT’s output can still be inaccurate and a bit elementary in it’s writing style. We encourage everyone to try it out, but proceed with caution. The content it produces can still be fraught with errors and use a bit of finessing to use usable for marketing purposes.

  1. Google Announces Bard (it’s answer to ChatGPT)

The word on the street is that Bing’s announcement of using ChatGPT in it’s search engine caused a “code red” at Google. Not too long after, Google announced Bard, it’s answer to conversational AI in search. Just like ChatGPT, Google’s initial introduction of Bard to the world showed the AI providing an incorrect response to a question. While Google has used the power of AI as part of it’s algorithm in how to rank pages in it’s search results for years, this product takes aim at the ease with which ChatGPT can provide information to users. Want to be prepared for Bard, Bing ChatGPT and more from a search perspective? Continue to focus on adding quality content to your website, focus on building out Local SEO strategies and tactics and dig into these platforms’ other products like Google Hotel Ads and Bing Hotel Ads. As a hotel, it’s time to get even more serious about providing quality content, answers and information to potential customers and search engines.

  1. Microsoft Unveils Lodging Solutions

Showing it’s continued focus to follow in the steps of Google’s success in travel, Microsoft has announced expanded offerings to it’s lodging products with property promotion ads, hotel price ads, hotel price ads with room bundles, bing maps, bing travel hub and property promotion ads with vacation rentals. Hopefully this brings more impressions and visibility to highly profitable hotel ads throughout Bing’s ecosystem.

  1. Should You Be Using Google Hotel Ads Bid Adjustments?

To be successful in maximizing revenue production via Google Hotel Ads, you must be optimizing your campaigns with all the levers provided in Google Ads. Learn how we put them to the test in our client accounts.

  1. Hotel Marketing in a Down Economy: Part 1 & Part 2

Whatever you do, just don’t say the “r” word. Dig into our reading of the tea leaves with our portfolio data insights as well as the strategies to best position your hotel for when things go south. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Hotel Marketing in a Down Economy.

  1. [E-Book] Metasearch Advertising Pro Tips

Learn the metasearch advertising techniques the pro's use to boost your direct bookings. View the full E-Book here. 

  1. Hotel Metasearch Basics

Unsure of what hotel metasearch is? Don’t fret, our marketing experts have broken it down in this Hotel Metasearch Basics blog.

  1. 2023 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch

Just in case you missed it, check out a compilation of the top trends our hotel digital marketing experts have on their minds for 2023.

Flywheel News | January 2023 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Optimize To Be Discontinued (Moving into GA4)

To the dismay of marketers everywhere, Google announced that it will be discontinuing its UX testing tool, Google Optimize, on September 30th. Google plans on providing a new solution within GA4. Learn more here.

  1. Yandex Search Ranking Factors Leaked

Even though it’s not the Google search ranking factors that were leaked, the recent leak of Yandex search ranking factors provides some interesting insights into area’s of focus you should consider testing and evaluating for your website’s SEO. 

  1. Google Search Announces Debut of Chatbot Features Later this Year

Credit it to the Google “code red” about ChatGPT, but the search engine announced that it will debut chatbot features later this year within Google search. Read more here.

  1. Google Search Trends for 2022

I think we’re all eager to know what trends to capitalize for marketing in 2023. One of the best ways is to take a quick look back with Google’s year in Search 2022. Top trends for 2023 include Value, evaluated; Aid and allyship and revising priorities. All of these have very specific tie in’s to travel marketing. People want to feel represented in ads, they want ways to alleviate stress and they are seeking experiences that provide great value. How can your hotel incorporate these trends into your ad messaging? 

5. Check out Metadesk

Globally, huge amounts of hotel advertising budgets are shifting to metasearch advertising campaigns. And with the deprecation of cookies and 3rd party tracking, it makes complete sense. 📈📈📈 Learn more at

  1. Reports Show Facebook Usage Is Up 

Even with the rise of TikTok’s popularity, Wall Street Journal reported that usage and time spent on Facebook was up worldwide over the past year. Maybe it’s because of TikTok? The rise in usage could be attributed to increase in Reels consumption. Have you invested in your hotel’s short form video assets yet? If not, 2023 is the year no matter what social platform you focus your efforts on.

  1. 6 Ways Your Hotel Can Utilize Facebook’s Lead Generation Tool in 2023 

Are you looking for solutions to increase your hotel’s email database size, drive more wedding business or improve your remarketing ad performance? Discover new ways to drive more revenue with Facebook’s Lead Generation tool in 2023.

  1. The Power of Brand Collaborations 

Looking for new ways to inject fresh, excitement into your brand messaging or expand your reach to like minded audiences? It’s time you looked into the power of brand collaborations. Learn more here with some great examples to get you started.

Flywheel News | December 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Metasearch Is Your Best Tool For Increasing Direct Bookings

Metasearch can be directly correlated with direct business. But, is your hotel truly optimizing metasearch? Learn how to take control and manage your metasearch here.

  1. Google Updates EAT With Another E 

Google updated it’s search quality raters guidelines by adding another E to E-A-T for experience. The new acronym is now E-E-A-T, standing for experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Although these ratings do not directly impact rankings, they provide important feedback that helps Google improve its algorithms. Learn more here.

  1. Meta Adds New Instagram Audience Targeting

A new audience type we’re very excited to test here at GCommerce, Meta announced the addition of audience type to target your Instagram followers. Now, you may be thinking - didn’t this already exist? Well, it didn’t. In the past you’ve only been able to target your Facebook followers, not your Instagram followers. Read more on this new audience type here.

  1. Check Out Google’s 2022 ‘Year in Search’ Overview 

Take a walk down memory lane with Google’s 2022 Year in Search Overview, showing a recap of what was trending in search this past year. You might just stumble across some new ideas on what to watch, where to travel (or not) and a new recipe to try.

  1. GCommerce Hosts Annual Employee Retreat

On December 1st and 2nd, the entire company met in beautiful Park City, Utah for two days of incredible sessions on travel and digital marketing, team activities and a fun year-end holiday party. Our team wishes you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! 

Flywheel News | November 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Hour & Date Dimensions Now Available in GA4

It seems like every month there are new announcements coming out on changes in GA4. In November the newest update was that hour and ate dimensions are now available across Google Analytics 4 explorations and reporting customization. Learn more here.

  1. GCommerce Launches 2022 Digital Marketing Trends eBook 

It’s hard to believe 2022 is almost over. Get ready for your 2023 digital marketing journey with a look back at the top trends of 2022. Download our eBook here.

  1. Google’s Similar Audiences Are Going Away 

Heads up if you’re using Similar Audiences on Google Ads! They are sunsetting this audience type in August 2023. Learn more about how to prepare for this transition here.

  1. TikTok Launches New Audience Insights Tool 

Looking for more insights on who is interacting with your business on TikTok? Good news! TikTok advertisers can now access audience insights in the ad manager to dive into audience data including age, interest categories, interactions, device types and more. Read more about this announcement here.

  1. You’re Now Able to Add Music To Still Image Posts in Instagram 

Previously only available for Reels and Stories, the ability to add music is now available for still image posts on Instagram. Music brings emotion, context and personality to your content. Will it enhance engagement with your still posts? We recommend at least testing it to find out.

6. There's more to metasearch than they're telling you

Most hoteliers believe that once they've connected their booking engine to the metasearch channels there's nothing more they can do.But in reality, metasearch can help you address specific need periods, target your ideal guests, and increase direct bookings. Learn more here.

Flywheel News | October 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. Google Analytics 4 Adds New Reporting Features  

Google continues to roll out new features to GA4. The most recent announcements include Behavioral Modeling in Real-time GA reporting, new home page originally previewed at Google Marketing Live, custom channel reporting (one of our favorite new features), campaign manager 360 integration that will allow us to optimize our campaign bidding towards GA4 conversions and more. Read the full list here.

  1. Are You Overpaying For Metasearch?

Soaring media costs mean metasearch advertising budgets aren’t going nearly as far as they were a year ago. Which is one huge reason hoteliers are choosing Metadesk. Our pay-per-stay pricing model means you only pay for stays that take place. And our variable rate commission structure means you’ll never overpay. Learn more here.

  1. New Google Business Profile Search Menu Rolling Out 

A new way to edit your Google Business Profile is currently rolling out in the SERP. business owners can now easily search and make edits to their business listings from the search results page. Learn more here.

  1. Why You Should Be Using Google Business Posts

Are you familiar with Google Business Posts? If you’re using GCommerce for local SEO services, this is a tactic we include. But what are they and can they help your hotel’s visibility in the search results? Read here to find out.

  1. Hotel Metasearch Marketing Optimization Techniques Webinar

Did you miss the recent hotel metasearch webinar by GCommerce on tactics to optimize your hotel metasearch campaigns? Don’t worry; watch the replay here.

  1. Meta Shares New Insights To Improve Ad Performance 

 It’s not news that recent privacy laws and changes have changed things on Meta advertising platforms. In response to advertiser frustration, Meta just launched its new Performance 5 framework to guide on how to improve advertising performance on the platform. As with any recommendations straight from the platform, we recommend testing them to ensure they actually lead to improved performance for your KPIs.  Learn more here.

Flywheel News | September 2022 Hotel Digital Marketing News | GCommerce

  1. New Price Accuracy Policy for Google Hotel Ads Goes Into Effect on October 10th 

Price Accuracy is a major element in optimizing your Google Hotel Ads’ performance. Google’s new privacy accuracy policy goes into effect on October 10th. Read the new policy here and make sure your hotel ads and booking engine landing page is in compliance or else you could run into major performance issues, including your campaigns being shut off by Google.

2. Google Ads Renames Google Ad Extensions to Assets

Google has officially re-named ad extensions to assets. Part of the reason comes from the fact that ad extensions are part of the assets, along with headlines and descriptions, that make up the entirety of an ad. What we’re excited about is to have reporting for these “assets” alongside headlines and descriptions for an easier to evaluate, more holistic view of the ad’s asset performance. Read more here.

3. Google Announces Innovations During Search On 2022 

Every year at it’s Search On event, Google announces the latest innovations coming to it’s search product. At this year’s event Google touched on updates including making search more intuitive with multisearch  with images and text, business messaging via search ads and more. Discover more here.

4. GCommerce Hosts Metasearch Marketing Optimization Tips Webinar

Metasearch is one of your best tools for increasing direct traffic and recapturing market share from OTA’s, but only if you’re optimizing your metasearch advertising campaigns. Watch the replay here.

5. LinkedIn Adds New Features for Company Pages 

LinkedIn launched a few new features for Company pages in September 2022 including making post template type available for all company pages as well as link stickers to drive more direct response to company page updates. Learn the latest here.

6. TikTok Expands Description field to capitalize on it’s platform’s role in Discovery

Back in July a Google exec suggested TikTok was eating into Google’s core products of Search and Maps. Captiailzing on it’s emerging role in consumers’ discovery process, TikTok has expanded it’s description field from 300 characters to 2,200 characters to assist with search. If you’re active on TikTok make sure you’re taking advantage of this expanding character count and approaching it from a search optimized perspective.

7. Have You Started Your Holiday Campaign Planning?

It’s that time of year! Cyber Weekend and the holidays will be here before you know it. Make sure you are prepping any promotion and package details now to get over to your digital marketing teams for prep and creation.