The hospitality industry’s foundation is mostly built upon legacy technology which creates silos and obstacles to access your own data.

That’s why we’ve created Summit.

Historically, marketers and hoteliers had to work with flat reports.

x No drill down capability
x No filtering/ability to sort your data
x Data is siloed making it difficult to analyze and take action
x    Lag time – limited to once per month reports to understand what was working/what wasn’t
Very little transparency of your data
Screen shot on a laptop of the Summit reporting suite

How does Summit benefit my business?

  • Eliminates flat historical monthly reporting
  • Allows for real time decision making on campaigns
  • Easily accessible anywhere with internet connection
  • Centralizes your marketing data in one place
  • Does not require marketing services and is a standalone product


Summit integrates with 16 core marketing channels.Funnel graphic

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