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You’ve Arrived, See You At Sunset Marquis

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9:1 ROAS

Sunset Marquis is a 3.5 acre oasis in the middle of West Hollywood, a sanctuary near the Sunset Strip. A home-away-from-home for generations of creators and innovators, movers and magic-makers. In order to capture the true essence of the hotel in a way that would capture the audience’s attention and lead them down the path to covert, it was essential to convey Sunset’s brand through a highly targeted, multi level display advertising campaign. We started out high-level with a video campaign based on Sunset Marquis’ Legendary Surroundings. From there we hit a more refined geo-targeted audience with carefully crafted HTML 5 ads. Once our audience journeyed further in the funnel, we presented them with a third set of ads that concluded the brand’s story and helped lead the audience to finally convert. The success of this campaign was centered around a strong brand story, advanced campaign structure, audience targeting and a/b testing.