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Analytics Premium Insights

Uncover trends and create a competitive advantage in the market.

When harnessed properly data is a powerful tool.  However, many companies struggle to put their data to work, missing opportunities and leaving dollars on the table.  This is where Premium Insights comes into play.  By activating your company’s data our Business Insights Analysts empower decision-makers to act with confidence and maximize marketing budgets.

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Business Challenges

As competition in your industry continues to increase, creating relevant and engaging customer experiences has never been more vital to success.  The customer journey has also become more complicated requiring properties to continually evaluate the return on investment (ROI) with regard to attribution.  Likewise, budget limitations have created obstacles for properties looking to achieve a proper balance between service, operations, branding, and marketing. 

To meet these challenges, businesses must invest in analyzing data; to improve revenue and profits, they need a data solution that delivers actionable insights that can be uncovered and applied quickly.  Yet most properties are using data for corrective action and fail to leverage new customer trends or predict outcomes based on past behavior.

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The Solution

Premium Insights delivers the data analysis and reporting capabilities needed to enable confident decision-making.  It provides an understanding of how customers purchase, empowering properties to optimize digital efforts toward personalizing experiences, improving marketing ROI, and driving conversion.  With Premium Insights each measurable action that a customer takes while interacting with your business online represents an opportunity to:

  • Know the impact of marketing investments and align each with key business objectives
  • Forecast expected results based on repeated customer behavior and actions
  • Deliver relevant customer experiences that drive conversion
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Key Benefits of Premium Insights
  • Decisions that improve revenue: Understand the impact marketing has on revenue and the incremental contribution of marketing campaigns.
    • Custom reporting
    • Campaign performance
    • Marketing mix modeling
    • Marketing effectiveness
    • Increase market share
  • Know your customers: Identify your most profitable customers by creating a simpler view of behavior and purchase patterns with persona-based segmentation.
    • Customer segments
    • Customer intent
    • Booking lead time
    • Value-based
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Key Benefits of Premium Insights
  • More reliable data: Ensure your data is reliable and actionable to continuously improve website conversion and marketing performance.
    • Advanced tracking
    • Funnel visualizations
    • Micro conversions
    • Data Filtering
  • Improve the customer journey: Design customer experiences that increase conversion rates throughout the path to purchase.
    • Smarter content
    • Landing pages
    • Call To Action (CTA)
    • User testing