The Plumpjack Winery and its wonderful wine is a reflection of its unique surroundings, the passion and precision of its winemaker, and its commitment to its carefully crafted wines. As designers and developers, we understand the importance of sensational storytelling; depicting each detail, illustrating their unique nature, and showcasing their passion and pride through vibrant imagery and captivating copy. The recent redesign of Plumpjack Winery’s online presence provides a modern take on the beautiful culture of Napa wineries; capturing the essence and atmosphere of the Plumpjack Estate and Napa itself.

The design and development process begins with a conversation; listening to the client, discovering what they hope for it to accomplish, and educating them on current trends and developmental capabilities. Doing so affords the design and development team clear direction while providing the client peace of mind that their vision will be brought to life. In order to provide the Plumpjack Winery team with a website that would educate wine lovers and provide them the ability to purchase Plumpjack’s crafted wines, as well as drive memberships, GCommerce would have to develop a visual marketplace; one that would deliver product details, while creating a streamlined process for purchase. Additionally, a large focus was on a user and mobile-friendly design. One that would engage viewers and lead them to navigate throughout the entire site, familiarizing themselves with Plumpjack’s story and product.

The end result…a beautiful new website that embodies the Napa Valley experience.


Wine & Digital Design, A Perfect Pairing