CADE Winery was built on commitment and character; creating wonderful wine that maintains a delicate balance and reflects approachability. GCommerce understood the importance of translating these core principals and values into a visual representation that would beautifully illustrate the story of CADE Winery. Through detailed discovery and communication, GCommerce thoroughly understood the objectives and goals of this project.

Looking to increase wine sales and drive memberships, the redesigned combined vibrant visuals, captivating copy, and an intuitive navigation. Providing users a memorable and enjoyable experience creates lasting loyalty and a willingness to engage. The modern design was influenced by the atmosphere of Napa; incorporating local photography and relevant color palettes to further identify and represent the local surroundings.

As CADE partner John Conover states, “Change is good.” The comprehensive website redesign, featuring responsive functionality and mobile-friendly version, would allow all users to enjoy the site with ease, focusing on the most important aspects – the story, the wine, and the society.


A Nuanced, Artisanal Expression Visualized