GCommerce approaches digital marketing differently than our competitors. Instead of focusing solely on what service to sell our clients, we focus on the lifecycle a guest goes through when selecting their travel. We know that for a great majority of business and leisure travelers, their selection process happens online. The process starts with a potential guest building a list of potential hotels and follows a long path to their ultimate selection. Most Digital Marketing Firms only focus on the bottom of the funnel, allowing them to report shallow advertising returns while their client’s market shares dwindle. At GCommerce, we use a combination of world-class management tools and fundamentally sound marketing practices to influence consumers at all stages of their journey. Our services are designed to deliver a complete digital marketing presence and help our clients gain market share.


Website Design & Development

Research and Discovery

We investigate your project and make sure that we are on the same page as you. Everything clear? Great! We move forward with the design. A User Interface Specialist (UIX) will work on basic functionality as well as analyze competitive sites to help you gain an edge in your current marketplace.

Design & development

Our talented team of designers will gather high-resolution images, unique fonts, icons and animations that are custom tailored to your specific industry. After the design files are approved, it’s time to let our developers tie all the pieces together. All code is original and unique. We hire only the most talented individuals who are leaders and innovators in our industry.


We test across all major browsers for speed and scale in order to ensure that your application can support a massive surge of traffic without compromising the user experience.


Paid Search Marketing

Hotels have adopted very few marketing disciplines with more enthusiasm than paid search marketing. However, not all paid search marketing is created equal. Far from it. Simply bidding on popular keywords until your budget has been exhausted is a recipe for mediocrity. Yet that is what so many agencies employ as their “strategy”. Paid search has evolved at break-neck speed, offering smart marketers a plethora of new tools and techniques to target specific travelers. GCommerce has embraced these new tools and techniques, including aggressive use of programmatic buying tools, to create and manage insanely profitable campaigns for our clients. We don’t just consistently outperform industry results; we obliterate the bar.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is not dead. In fact, it remains one of the most profitable and important aspects to any hotel digital marketing program. Unfortunately, because it is not seen as a sexy new program, many marketing firms and their clients ignore strong SEO tactics. Not at GCommerce. We know that traffic gained FOR FREE from organic search listings can be the backbone of a successful hotel website. We consistently perform advanced SEO work with on-page optimization, local optimization, off-page optimization and a leading edge measurement program. This ensures both performance and accountability for all GCommerce clients.



Display Advertising

For years, hoteliers have focused their paid online media on paid search marketing. While Paid Search is vital, its investment should not come at the expense of other viable channels. Display Advertising has been ignored for far too long by individual hotels. However, with advances in smart media placement technology and consistently low prices to acquire new customers, Display Advertising has become a bankable tool to generate incremental business. At GCommerce, we build robust Display and Remarketing campaigns that both feed the top of the booking funnel and help push customers to conversion at the bottom of the funnel.


Ecommerce & Analytics

Analytics and eCommerce are a hotel’s most powerful sales tool, and very hotels few are using them correctly. When properly applied, they can be the centerpiece of all your marketing efforts. To be effective however, Analytics and eCommerce must be set up properly, audited frequently and wholly owned by a company or individual to review in real time and used to build and maintain your digital strategy. Too often, properties are beholden to their CRS providers and their canned reports, or shallow reporting from their marketing providers. As a hotel, you own this data. It’s yours to use, yours to empower, yours to profit from.

At GCommerce, we have deep experience establishing comprehensive Analytics and eCommerce platforms for our clients. In addition, we have the strategic backbone and marketing prowess to leverage the data into actual dollars, not unique visitors or a slight drop in bounce rates.



Social Media Marketing

The predominant thought in the industry is social media cannot drive revenue. Our clients hope their competitors continue to believe that farce. At GCommerce, we know that a well-formulated social media strategy that goes beyond status updates on Facebook can have a significant and compelling ROI. And we have the awards to prove it. GCommerce works with our clients to build out well rounded social media strategies, including native platform advertising and campaign strategies. These programs are each custom designed for your property, based on your target audience.

In addition, GCommerce is proud to be the first hospitality agency to offer a social media program designed specifically to drive group and social sales for hotels with meeting or event space. Working with your sales team, we are able to target individual buyers through social platforms and connect them directly with the sales department, driving incremental group business.




Ah the days of the late 90’s. According to some, email marketing has seen its day. NOT TRUE. Email campaigns are extremely cost effective, and when done right can still drive hundreds of thousands of dollars in incremental revenue. eCRM is still alive and well, providing smart communications with your existing clientele while providing increased revenue per guest. GCommerce has developed award winning email campaigns for our clients for over 14 years. We know the old adage remains true; it is easier to generate business with existing fans than to prospect for new business.






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